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Is seller wasting my time?


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So I am a first time buyer and placed and order on a gig. The seller has low communication with me and the gig ran late. When contacted seller said it would be finished and uploaded that day. I waited 2 more days and received nothing. Not even status on the order. So I cancelled my order. Within seconds of the cancellation I was contacted that he was uploading the files when I canceled and to reinstate my order. When asked if I could get a screen shot of some of the finished product he said I could see it in the upload because i have unlimited revisions. I being a person of good faith believed him and would not want his time to go wasted. So I reluctantly replaced my oreder.

It has been 12 hours since he told me the files were uploaded. I feel like he is now trying to finish the gig and get it uploaded before I cancel again. How much time should I wait? Upload times? I feel like I’m being lied to and bamboozled. Is this a waste of my time? Is this a normal practice?

Thanks for any help with my concerns.

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Definitely not a normal practice. Most sellers never miss the deadline.

What can you do now?

  1. The same thing you did the first time. Wait for your order. It seller fails to deliver again, you can cancel the order. If seller delivers the order, you can leave a review reflecting your experience.
  2. Get in touch with fiverr CS, explain your situation and request them to cancel the order.

I’d suggest you to go with option 2 and cancel the order.

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