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My FIRST disappointment

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Hello everyone,

Do you guys remember when Fiverr’s website was down from a couple days/weeks due to some issues? I had an order I was working on while Fiverr was very buggy but I never expected them to suddenly shut the whole website down. I finished my buyer’s work 2 hours earlier before the deadline and boom, website closed. Later on when they fixed the website, I found the order’s status " LATE ". I contacted Fiverr immediately but they unfortunately responded very late. I was worried if the buyer would cancel the order so I went to the resolution center to extend the delivery duration hoping the buyer would accept it, and he really did after he understood the website’s issue, and accepted my order with a nice review.

What just happened today after waking up early in the morning, The buyer cancelled the order and took the funds back! is it really because of the late delivery when it wasn’t my fault at all?! I’ve never been late with any orders and my rating is until now positive. IS THIS FAIR?

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No it’s not fair at all. But you need to accustom to situations like this one, not every order can be completed successfully even if you give it 100%.

For example few days ago I got order to implement script on buyer’s website , buyer wanted to do it alone but surrendered because he couldn’t do it. So I accepted the order, after hours of debugging I found that script is outdated enough that it will not work with his website. I asked him if I can perform additional work to make him satisfied. No chance, order canceled.

Doesn’t matter! there are ups and downs.

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