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Cloned Fiverr account

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Someone posted a buyer request saying they are a representing a construction company. It somehow sounded interesting, I sent an offer. I was still curious as to who comes to fiverr to represent their ‘company’. So I looked up the account on Fiverr. Turned out they are a seller.

I checked the gigs, and it was awfully familiar. All the images were logos I had seen before on Fiverr and that can only be because those images are from an account on the front page. I usually go on the logo design parts on the front page just to admire the works of people who are doing well on Fiverr. Mind you, this person has entirely no reviews. Joined April 2020. So I went back to the front page and just right there was the real account.

The new seller had cloned the profile picture, and gig images. They are from Pakistan but the real account was a lady from India.

I messaged the Indian and asked if she knew or owned the account and she said it was a fraudulent account and she was going to report it.

Long story short(kinda). I have wasted one buyer request slot today. Pray for my soul.😪

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