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Buyer logo requests with 200 offers


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I started to check Buyers’ requests yesterday and today what I am noticing that from F5 to F5 in a matter of seconds logo requests get 200 offers. Now, I have logo design GIG but if I see over 30 offers I do not apply since what are the chances buyer is going to scroll through 50-200 offers.

What is your limit? Do you have a limit? If you see a request that is in your filed and has XY offers already do you still send your offer?

I mean, on 200 offers waste one of my ten is just ridicules.

Also, on another note, I did an English test, I got only 3 answers wrong and I am still 9/10. On another one, I got 9.2/10. And I know exactly on what questions did they “fail” me and I would VETO that since they never specified American English or British English. Is someone here on the forum with 10/10?

And I almost failed both exams because I had POP-UP windows for a software update and the Fiverr system counted that as “leaving the browser”.

Opinions on this?

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