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My first Buyer!


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April 9th I recieved an enquiry from someone, responded almost imediatly, then nothing. about a day or two later i recieved another enquiry from someone else who i responded immeditaly, we then started messaging for a day/two around 10-11 messages a day. I sent him a gig offer for $80 USD, what was accepted and I smashed the first design within a day for him and we played about with it for a few more days, I now have a 5 star review!

From that, I have had the first person who contacted me come back to me without any bugging him and been chatting for a day now, he has said he will be looking to put in an order as he want to revamp his house.

So far so good on fiver, it has taken around two weeks to get my first gig offer. I have dedicated alot of time building and punting for work during these difficult times and it looks like it is going well slowly.

I am in the Architectural Niche.


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