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New member on fiverr support me please


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Guest humanissocial

No one is here to help you get work. That is your responsibility. We provide insights and there are already thousands of insights on what you are asking for In the forum. Please search and browse.

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Pretend you are a buyer and search for what you offer. Look for sellers with a lot of reviews and orders. Compare their layout, GIG description, drawings, thumbnails, to yours. Be creative and constructive when making changes, Do not copy-paste. Be original. Be detailed and realistic in what you offer and what you can deliver.
Do not overprice your GIGs at the beginning until you get momentum and actual buyers.
Prepare additional documentation users can fill in (like specific requirements, something that will help you do the work faster and more effectively).
You only have one GIG and that GIG does not have buyers’ request today. You can only see the request for the GIGs field/subject you are offering.
Your image on GIG is not presentable and the color is not professional for the type of your GIG. Zoomed in the text is OK, but on a standard Fiverr layout your text is not readable.
Your description of GIG needs more text, more explanation. Just 10$ makes no sense since you have long-term sellers offering the same with starting 5$ price.
You have many online free services like Grammarly you can use to type in your text and proofread it before publishing.
And many more tips but let’s start with this.

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