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New Member-come and have a look at my gigs!

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Hello,I’m new here help you with Chinese to English translation work.Actually,I have already had sufficient experience for translation for 5 years!When I was in university,I majored in English,and have all my specialized courses ranked the top.Successful cases are many including award-winning projects with my teachers.My price is reasonable,and the delivery will be really fast!Please come and have a look!

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Hi, welcome

Overall your gig looks good, but I have found a few issues with it.

  • There is grammar mistakes in your gig description
  • Your gig packages needs work
  • You have two of the same gigs

My suggestions.



Thank you very much for commenting.

About my package,I wonder if you could give me some more detailed suggestions.This is the first time for me to work on this kind of platforms.I don’t really know the price standard.It couldn’t be better if you’d like to help me a little!

Looking forward to your reply!


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