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Order Cancellation , Unfriendly buyer

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Hi there! I would like to ask for advice from the Fiverr community. I have a very “emotionally unbalanced buyer”. He wants to cancel the order and has already written that all my work is BS and I am not a designer at all. I made a logo for the sail ship. He was having trouble opening the file, since I sent them in a large extension, later I compressed them and resubmitted them. But he already had time to write how much he hates me. I tried to reassure him, wrote that I understood his annoyance and was ready to do revisions forф free or create new variants. He looks like a scammer, I already sent him pre-made options in a personal chat and he pretended not to see them and then canceled the order. Before that, he wrote that he liked the fonts I used, and when canceling my order he started to write that I was using “base fonts” and could not even work with elementary graphics. I would like to know if I confirm the cancellation of the order - should it be public? Understand my friends, I have done a really good job, even if he doesn’t like it - it just can’t be attributed to those words, the dirt he pours on me these 2 hours. And he began to threaten that if I did not cancel the order right now, he would end up in the visa. Did he mean the payment system? I just don’t quite understand what he is? Thank you all!

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thanks guys, i already canceled the order. I will receive satisfactory reviews every day. But no one has talked to me this way yet. I only feel sorry for the time i spend for colorization.

I’m not saying this job is the best in the world. But this is clearly not a primitive graphic as he wrote it. He also sent me this example.

800×325 28.8 KB
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Please charge more for your work. It’s a good quality vector (from what I can see). It doesn’t cost $10 or $20.

Crazy buyers love cheap prices.

Hello, thank you for response. I made two concepts for 60 for 30 for each, we refused the first one, because the buyer said it was not the fish. I’m not strong at it, I found a photo of sailfish and drew similar outlines. However, he has written to me 5 times that it is not the fish, I have not argued. We settled on the last version I sent. However, the customer did not like the letters, they were half-arch. And later he wrote me this …

223455770×478 26 KB
com775×496 35.3 KB
fiverr1366×768 95.2 KB
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Raise your basic prices. The quality of your work allows that. Otherwise, buyers like this will try to exploit you further. Protect yourself, your time and your work.

i want to do this, i have already met all the criteria to get level 2. So i want to raise prices this week. Thank you for your advice! It’s inspiring! 😇

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