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How do I write a buyer request for Fiverr?


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I have been sending buyer requests for so long and have sent over 350 buyer requests on Fiverr till now. For every 10 replies to buyer requests I get at least 2–3 replies from buyers. And I almost get around 2 orders per day, from buyer requests.

Maybe my technique is not the best one out there, but it works for me so I assume it must work for you as well.

  1. Custom Proposal

I have seen many people creating some templates and sending those templates to all the buyer requests.

Well, it might be working for some, but surely doesn’t work well.

You need to analyze client requirements and reply him a custom solution rather than using a generic template

  1. Include Relevant Work

Have you done something relevant to what the customer is asking? Make sure to include it in your proposal.

3. Charge Lower than Budget

Most of people match the bid with client budget. Well, to standout, make sure to charge a bit lower than what client has proposed.

You can surely charge higher to same client in long run and even may upsell your current gig.

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