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Hello from italian artisan


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hello to everyone my name is Federico and I’m 29 years old, dress near Florence (Italy) and I work as a prototype handbag for some high fashion brands (e.g. gucci, Versace, burberry, smython etc). Specifically, I am responsible for making with my own hands the bag starting from the basic processes, interface with cad designer to indicate what to change or not, solve problems in the physical construction of the bag and improve its aspects for future industrialization. mainly work on first pieces, samples, parades and various prototypes. Needless to say, every bag is made manually without assembly lines or inline productions, I cut the skin, I assemble it and build the whole thing. to give the best response and quality that distinguishes us in the world of fashion and leather itself. as for my passions I like to read, write, eat, make larp, get to know new people and learn. I’m open to b2b forms.Bye and happy Easter to all.

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