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Are You Learning Anything New During Your Covid-19 Downtime?

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Given that my school is shut down the rest of the year (we’re not even allowed back into the buildings), I found myself with a lot of downtime. Now, I do have Fiverr work to contend with and homeschooling the boys (although they are pretty good at knowing this time for themselves and asking their teachers questions).

However, I’m still there if they need me.

Still, I realized I am spending more time in the kitchen, cooking things I’ve never tried before. A couple of weeks ago, I made my first loaves of bread. Today, I decided to make four loaves of bread. Per my husband’s request for fried chicken, I found a recipe to make crispy fried chicken. My kids LOVED both of these foods.

Basically, I am spending my time away from the computer in the kitchen, perfecting my cooking skills. According to my kids, I need to start a business beyond the writing - something involving cooking. I don’t even think so. In all honesty, I’m going to be a much better cook than I was before the COVID-19 outbreak… (We probably all will).

I want to learn as much as I can on my downtime, so I’m thinking of picking up yet another skill. Perhaps it’s time to learn another language. Or, do something studying on web-related skills.

Bread loaves1440×1080 168 KB
fried chicken1440×1080 144 KB

Is anyone learning anything new during these trying times?

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