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Asking for a friend ;)

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I’ve been on Fiverr for a while and recently set up a number of gigs. Super excited to be of service to others! I’ve had two clients already BUT they were people I’ve worked with before and asked them to be my first clients on Fiverr. I would LOVE your help to improve my gigs. I’ve seen some wise answers to other people asking for help…and thought why miss the opportunity for this great community to weigh in.
Thanks for your help

Here’s my account:

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My first impression is that your profile is very well set up. The violin lessons seem a bit out-of-place, but that’s not a bad thing. It is odd though that you state in the gig that you graduated from a music school, but you don’t have that in your profile.

Wow! Thanks for checking out my profile and for your honest feedback. Yes, it sounds about right that it would come across as odd. I set up the profile to do business coach consultations…then found out last week that FIVERR hosts online music lessons so added the gig just a few days ago.

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