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New, Excited to be here...let's connect!

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Hey everyone! I’m a travelling nomad who loves of course travelling, cooking, bike riding, bodies of water, being a friend, growing communities, helping others, writing, and dreaming. I’m trying to learn Portuguese right now and wish I could speak 5 languages. I’m a musician, violin teacher, and business coach for young founders at the early stage of their business. Glad I found this forum!

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Hi, welcome.

I checked out your gig and it’s good, but I found a few issues.

  • Your title is to long and you have no keywords
  • Your picture is a stock photo
  • Your gig package needs work, why 29 days?

My suggestions.



Wow Peter! Really thankful for your thoughtful feedback. I’ve already made a few changes. I used MY photo on the brainstorming gig and switched it from the stock photo. I thought 29 days just to give myself time…but changed it now to 5 day and added an extra where they can pay to reduce the days down from 5. I’m not sure what I should shorten my title to…and not too sure about which keywords to add but will keep this in mind for sure. Thanks so much Peter!

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