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How to get buyers attention?


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Hello there,

I am Dilan Delewi and I am also a new Fiverr seller. I’m also still improving my gig’s and my experience. But I do have a few tips and tricks that got me messages from customers and ultimately orders.

  1. A good and catchy gig thumbnail. This will increase the buyers eye attention and clicks.

  2. A professional title. For example ‘‘I will give good video editing’’ Isn’t that professional. But ‘’ i will provide skillful video editing’’ Looks and reads more professional. Increasing the chance of buyers and customers clicking and viewing your gig

  3. Search tags. This is important. If your search tag matches what the customer searches, for example ‘modern logo design’ And your search tag is ‘logo design modern’ or ‘modern logo design’ Your gig will have more chance to get into the first page.

  4. SEO Title.

  5. Good gig description, having a gig description with details about what you provide. Will let buyers know what you really provide and make buyers know what they want. I have a little tip that makes you have a little more chance for an order. It’s what I call the ‘‘Why choose me as an …?’’ And then describe why, for example Fast delivery or 100% Money back guaranteed.

  6. Buyer requests. If you send an offer with a good detailed description and the ‘‘Why choose me as an …?’’ Trick, you will have a little more chance of buyers contacting you and ordering something from you. The more offers you send to buyer requests, the more requests you will get and the bigger the chances are for sales increase. Remember a detailed and professional description IS important!

  7. Have patience. Customers and buyers don’t spawn immediately.

  8. Share gig on social media. Use hashtags to get the right people.

I hope this will help you improve to become a great seller. If it has helped me get a few customers. it should help every seller.

Kind Regards,
Dilan Delewi

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I’m new on Fiverr. Recently I’ve completed one order with 5 star review.

Can any one tell me how to do I get buyers attention by sending them buyer request & what terms & tricks should I use to get more buyers?

Can any one tell me how to do I get buyers attention by sending them buyer request

Check this out: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/responding-to-buyer-requests

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