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Order request/dispute issued by a buyer to extend the delivery date


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Hi Peeps,

My buyer has issued an order dispute to extend the order delivery time by 1 day.
Reason: The buyer needs more time to decide what option to choose from what I delivered.

I want to know if I accept the delivery extension means will it affect my reputation? As I am a 5 star rated seller with a 100% delivery rate.

Kindly advise me on what needs to be done, whether to accept the request or decline?

Thank you

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I do not think it will affect your stats. When I have had buyers ask for extensions in the past it has not affected mine.

Also, you do not want to offend the buyer and get them upset so they will leave a poor review.

Oh is? I started using Fiverr for the past few months only so I have no clue about these things, also I never faced any such thing earlier that’s why I am bit worried.

Also, the term dispute pushed me to panic mode.

Good that you clarified with your past experience. Thanks mate.

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If you have delivered the order then the buyer has 3 days to complete the order before it automatically completes. So, actually there is no need for an extension.

Actually, out of 3 days still 2 days remaining but just now buyer saw the delivery and requested delivery extension as she need time to decide.

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