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New to Fiverr, have a question about payments


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Hi there, like I was saying I’m new to Fiverr, as of now I’ve only completed 2 gigs. My question is, my last guig was a 75$ custom order, wich I completed today, however wen I went to check it says that I only received 60$, in fact even before I finished the order, my earnings page showed that I was only paid 60$, but I didn’t mind much back then, because since I’m new, I thought that it would be updated to the full value when the order was finished. I asked the buyer about this and he sended me his bank extract, confirming that he did paid the whole 75$ (more exactly, he paid me 76.36€, wich is 83.56$, so he actually paid me extra). What’s going on? Did the website just kept my money? And considering that the buyer paid more than the gig was asking, was he stolen too?

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