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Can you help me improving my gigs?


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Hi there,
I have find something which you like to try so it is helpful to get orders

You have to see your competitor’s gig which are top rated or getting orders in first page in search results
Check out what they write in theirs what are keywords they using what image they used to attract the customer
Check the title and description and tags which is most common to all the users so it is available in search pages
Regularly update your gig if you not getting orders changes in gig images description according to treads in what ever field you are!
Use the video or something unique and attractive portfolio present to user
and give the cheap price offers so they attract by see your gigs
Focus on the one or two gigs only because in fiverr as per my experience orders come on one gig which up the impression fiverr if more gigs are open then not any of the gig is up
so pause the gigs which is not require or not getting more orders
only post on which have more orders
share your gigs so they get some views and click in your gigs
so impression is up so available first fiverr page
hope this information is helpful to get you orders
have a great day to all friends

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