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I have completed only one work. After that, I have sent 374 offer. But no order. some of them talked by message. But no order. Most of them want to pay very less; another would like to the procedure or about tools. Then leave.

I have written a reply many ways. But I could not understand what I will do? Please let me know, please seniors.

Link: https://www.fiverr.com/nahar_seoexpert?up_rollout=true

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In the gig “I will create setup optimizes manage facebook business page”
I’d probably reword the gig title to make it easier to read.

The gig video for that says “I have been working this field more than 4 years in industrial expriences
I’d reword that and check spelling.

The video also says “giving 100% money back gurantee”. I’d check spelling and probably change how it’s worded (though it might be better not to have a money back guarantee).

In the video the Filmora banner obscures some of the text.

The video says “Extract Fast Delivery” instead of “Extra Fast Delivery”.

You seem to use the same gig video in multiple gigs. Having a separate gig video for each gig might be better (I think that’s what Fiverr wants) so you can describe more precisely what you are offering in each gig.

In your profile and gigs you say things like “available 24/7”. I don’t think that will help really. Nobody is available/really able to work 24/7 (though teams might be). You might get more orders without that.

In your “I will create and manage your facebook ads campaign” gig:

You say “I have a certified expert with a proven process”. I’d reword that. It sounds like you have an expert as part of your team but you elsewhere you’re saying you are the expert. It might be better to say “I am…” instead of “I have…” there.

For offers sent to buyer requests, if you’ve sent many offers in a short time but not getting orders, maybe look at the forum suggestions related to sending offers. Make sure they’re specific to what the buyer is asking for, that they stand out against the competition if possible, well written and not the same thing sent to many people. You could make sure they’re a reasonable price but they don’t need to be the lowest price.

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