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Fiverr Category Year in Review - 2019


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So, this is something a little different. This is a video that our categories team put together to sum up the 2019 year. As most of you know, there were a lot of changes and additions to the Fiverr categories and you all are a part of that.

It’s fun, a little tongue and cheek, and the video wraps up 2019 which was 3 months ago. But we made it public and I wanted to share it with everyone to highlight how far we’ve come and how much we’re growing as a company all because of you!

  • How many categories do you have Gigs listed in?
  • Do you have any Gigs in “new” categories?
  • What Gig categories do you see opening up in the future?

Thank you to everyone who supported these changes and continued to be an awesome part of the community! You’re appreciated.

Wow,t hat’s fantastic!!! keep going

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I joined fiverr in 2020 and it has been an amazing experience. Thank you guys for working hard and adding more opportunities to this platform. One of my gig is in new category which is online coding lessons, I hope that you guys will keep working hard like this and bring new creative ideas to reality.

Best wishes!

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