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Cybersecurity Experts Studio

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Hey Boys and Girl’z of Fiverr fam.

I just started a studio covering CyberSecurity services and would like to invite the following experienced professionals to work together:

  • Pentesters
  • Ethical Hackers
  • System Analysts
  • System Architecture Designers
  • Database Experts (Good understanding of storage engines, e.g InnoDB / XtraDB Tweaks and similar)
  • Low level programmers (C, Go, Perl, Python, etc)
  • Networking professionals and these with good understanding of OS internals (kernel tweaks etc.)
  • Project Managers (we are likely to need them as well 🙂 )

Studio link:

Get in touch with me if you are driven by “mission impossible” projects to make them possible.

Recently I got contacted by a few Computer Science students who are considering to get their gigs online but were unsure if they are capable to get into the marketplace. I do encourage them to get in touch as well, it’s a great opportunity to learn and earn while getting all necessarily help from peers without being afraid on “what happens if I stuck along the way”.

Getting things done quickly yet efficiently, demonstrating ability and capability to customers, yet encouraging knowledge transfers between seniors / Pro members and the ones that are just starting.

Please include a bit of your professional background, what motivates you to get into the studio, and please share your fiver profile link / gigs you are proud of, projects you did.

Best Regards,

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