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Warning, please help me


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Hello everyone hopefully you all are doing great.

Well yesterday night I got a warning from fiverr team warning me for the inappropriate language used in an conversation.
Well I too agree that I used in appropriate language that wasn’t decent as per the reputation of this awesome Marketplace.
But at the time of this hard pandemic it’s difficult to lose account because we are suffering from strict lockdown and can’t go outside to earn anymore.
I am really sorry for what I did but a seller from Nigeria was constantly contacting me to scare my account from various accounts I just block him from every account and after getting frustrated I used some words which were not supposed to be said by an ideal seller.
But please trust me I was really fed up of him. I promise I will never use such inappropriate or abusive language on this platform but please help me out if you all can as I can’t lose this account, if this will be blocked then it will be hard to suffer in this heavy lockdown.
At last I just want to request the favour team please pardon me this time I promise I will never repeat such irrelevant action on this Marketplace but please this time forgive me.
Thanks in advance.
Stay Home, stay safe

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Hey there OP.

No one on this forum is a staff member, so no one from Fiverr’s team will read this message.

Please refrain from identifying the other seller’s country, as such profiling it is not allowed on the forum.

We are all going through a hard time. That doesn’t mean you can break the ToS or treat others with disrespect.

If anything you should have reported the user who was harassing you by messaging customer support.

I understand your frustration, but seems like your warning was warranted.

If you don’t break any more rules, then you will be fine.

If you get a second warning, then you will probably lose your account.

So remain calm, act professionally 100% of the time, and use this teaching moment to learn that you are not exempt from the rules.

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