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Sending link to Google Forms in conversations


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When I started going through the procedure of becoming a seller, my attention was drawn to the fact that it is forbidden to ask to communicate outside Fiverr.

I understand that, but I have a quite important question for me.
I approach the execution of orders a little differently - many of them are quite standard and the designs do not deviate much from the widely used patterns in design.
So to save time for me and the client I use forms (mainly Google Forms) that answer more or less detailed questions about technical aspects and appearance.

Thanks to this I can do everything quickly and almost always immediately meet the customer’s taste.

Is it forbidden to refer to such a form? The rest of the conversation will of course only take place through Fiverr.

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I think if you use such form it’s gonna fall into the violation of “connecting outside of fiverr”, what i recommend for you to do is, you can add all of your questions in the Gig’s requirement section.

image750×94 3.65 KB

So all of your buyers who order express gigs have to fill that requirement section’s mandatory questions. That way you can get the same outcome you expect from the google sheet. Hope that make sense.

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