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From First Page To Invisibility


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Hello there Fiverr Community,

I wanted to mention some issues that I have encountered and basically see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

About a month ago, my gigs went from being on the first page ( for all keywords of interest ) to complete invisibility . My gigs are nowhere to be found, and impressions/clicks have dropped massively ( near zero ). Of course, this has resulted in 0 orders from new clients during the past 30 days ( thankfully I do have some loyal clients working with me on a monthly basis ).

I know for a fact that this also applies for many of my ‘‘competitors’’ ( people who were next/near me on the first page of Fiverr search result ) as they are nowhere to be found as well.
It really makes no sense, as all of my statistics are always 100% for years now.
I have of course contacted Fiverr customer support, they simply sent me canned replies that they can not guarantee our position in the search results and so on, and that everything in my profile is completely normal.

After taking a look last night on twitter and fiverr forums, I noticed at least 20-25 comments from people who are experiencing the exact same issue.

I wanted to see if any of you have similar experiences , so we can all brainstorm on how to solve this problem. I do believe that it can be Covid-19 related, but not entirely.


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