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Advice needed from a newbie seller


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Hi all,

I have only recently set up my 1st gig. Got my 3rd order yesterday. So far other 2 have been more than satisfied with the delivery.

The gig is for a video and I change three things to customize for the customer. I add their referral link url at the end of the video. I did not state this was not clickable. I didn’t think to do this as I have never know anyone create a video and the url to be clickable.

First the person add an extra for a second url to be added to a landing page which he doesn’t even have. Tells me he will create one and send url to me. Then he asks me to cancel the extra. I look in forum on how to do this to find it can’t be done which I explained to him. I agreed to wait then until he made something and would send me the url.

I send the video and he isn’t happy, he puts the order in review so I can send the video again with a clickable url in it. I politely explained it isn’t possible to do this plus it wasn’t in the description of the gig it would be clickable. (Again I should have stated this in the gig.)

He is still insisting I make the url clickable and to send him the updated video.

I really do not know where I stand with this. I can not deliver something I can not do and I have explained this a number of times to him.

Could someone please advise me what I can do or what my options are with this person.

Much appreciated
Thank you

No where on

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Let me see if I understand this right:

  • You received an order for a fill-in-the-blank video.
  • You delivered.
  • They want to cancel.

Nowhere do you offer a clickable URL.

In my opinion: Just keep delivering the video they ordered. Decline the cancellations.

Thank you.

Yep that is more or less it.

Thank you for getting back to me.

Most gratefull

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