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Sellers Are Becoming Consistantly Unethical, AND FIVERR Does Nothing About It! BUYER BEWARE!


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Sellers are walking away with high paying projects, but are not delivering. I recently ordered a signature logo from a seller who not only had a US Flag and a very nice signature on his profile. While deciding to use his service, I decided to pay the extra for the bells and whistles offered. After receiving the first draft, I noticed the signature was not as neat as the ad had a “HANDWRITTEN trademark symbol” and requested cancellation to prevent additional time being spent toward the project. It was clear that he did not understand trademarking. I indicated “It would not work as a logo for me” and perhaps I selected the wrong type of signature logo.

Since then, we have gone back and forth in the resolution center to cancel. I request, and he disagrees. All of this for $25.00. Which to me lets me know he’s hard up for money. He has literally called me fraud, and insist he can get it right! Says I don’t understand etc. I didn’t sign up for all of this drama to have work done. I submitted a request to the very difficult customer service, and have yet to hear anything.

It’s obvious FIVERR, does not care how the buyer deals turns out, because they don’t care to have you contact them. It was EXTREMELY HARD to find contact information for their team. This is the 2nd time for this happening to me. The first time, the seller did not understand english, and walked away with $40.00 never delivering the product. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Buyers: always try ordering local Service Gigs first, from sellers in your region. I’m not saying don’t order from more distance/overseas sellers, but starting closer to home might be best. Do a little research and see the seller’s ratings and the comments/feedback that other buyers stated about the seller.

Also, start small: order only one $5 Gig at a time from a seller you are hiring for the first time. See how well you like the results of their work, then decide after that if you want to spend more money on the next gig you order.

Also, never place any order without first contacting the seller via the messaging system. Don’t just happen upon the seller’s page, then order one of their gigs because it catches your eye. Contact them first and ask questions, as much as you need to to satisfy your curiosity. Wait for and read their responses (obviously) and question some more if you have to. Be very specific about what you want done for you in the Service Gig.

Even if you run into problems after the gig has been delivered back to you, contact the seller and let him or her know about the situation. Chances are reasonable sellers are willing fix any unforeseen problems with the delivered work for free.

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