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Is it time for an upgrade to the ordering system?

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Hello everyone!

I’ve been working on Fiverr for quite some time now. I love Fiverr, it has allowed me to live out my dream. Since i’ve started here, there has been some changes to Fiverr, allowing custom pricing, having 3 tiers to purchase a gig order from, but there is one part of the ordering system I would love to change and it’s the delivery timer.

While the delivery timer is a simple and effective way of making sure everything stays on track. The random nature of when you receive orders kind of leaves it flawed.

If someone has several active gigs active at once and has 3 tiers all with different delivery times including express deliveries. You can end up with having many orders ending on the same day, also a lot of orders will display, for example (27th), giving the impression there is a whole day to work on the project but actually its the 27th at 1 am in the morning.

I feel there could be a better system placed that allows for a more streamlined and effective work layout.

Availability Slots.

A Monday to Sunday Slot system where you can adjust how many slots you can have in a certain day. For example 1-10

Monday - 5
Tuesday - 5
Wednesday - 5
Thursday - 5
Friday - 5
Saturday - 1
Sunday - 0

When creating a Tier you can allocate how many slots are used depending on the selection between Basic, standard, premium. For example 1 slot for basic, 3 for standard or 5 for premium.

The delivery time should adjust to the slot given/Available to the buyer. Once the slots for that day is filled, if another buyer tries to purchase on the same day, times will be automatically adjusted for the next day extending the delivery time.

This also means that people who may work part-time can allocate the slots to times that suit them better from 6pm to 12am, Weekends only etc.

Also I feel all orders should Auto adjust to midnight of the delivery date, not simply the same time that the buyer purchased, an order could be due for 3pm during the day and maybe you’re needing to shop or deal with problems that morning and can’t finish the order for that time, but defaulting all orders to end at 12am that night for that day would be helpful for the seller to complete daily life tasks if need be.

All of this would be made clear to the buyer before ordering.

This is just my thoughts and something i’ve sort of developed an understanding for through all the years of working on Fiverr.

Thanks for everything and take care!

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