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Improve the quality of audio previews

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Currently the quality of playback streams for audio content on profiles is terrible. It sounds like a 128kbps mp3 at best. The problem is for sellers like me, my entire business is predicated on the audio quality of the product. So this obviously can undermine the ability to make sales if buyers aren’t aware of the degraded quality or do go further to check out other personal pages with better quality playback.

I also know that I directly lost sales and had cancelled orders in the past before I caught this issue. Clients were rejecting work who had never checked it outside of the fiverr platform.

Fiverr is a site that devotes a large part of it’s available freelance services to media driven products and services, so to me it would make sense that high quality playback and preview of files is an investment that needs to be made in the websites infrastructure.

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