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I think more people that excellent ratings should be featured!


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@cheezees, Yes I agree the badge title isn’t optimal.

@danielzo Super Seller doesn’t MEAN anything LOL It’s even more honorary than TRS.

@kcbizboss, what make you think you CAN’T be featured in an email? Or do you mean something you can buy and force to happen?

At 3.5million gigs, if 10 a week were promoted… It would only take 6731 years to get to everyone. And by then, someone would be on this form saying I"ve been on fiverr for 5000 years I feel I should have a chance to be featured 🙂

Remember, we all have the same tools, the same system, the same marketplace, the compensation…

…if you want to be featured, FEATURE YOURSELF.

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I might or might not.

Let’s test your theory.

"I bestow upon you the honorary title of “Supreme Point Misser on Fiverr”

…excited yet?

My question would be why would you like an honorary title? What would you “do” with it? How would you leverage it into business, which is what I think most sellers here really want?

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Oh well, when I did mention that I agree on the idea of placing another level between level 2 and Top Rated seller, I did think about the benefits it would get the seller.

It seems to me that people usually tend to trust those with a higher level. While a seller might feel great about having a certain level because of the perks it can bring (more offers, extras etc.), a buyer may be more trusting towards somebody with such a title.

Nevertheless, I did not know that the title of Super Seller is simply honorary. I would still love to see it near my name one day. Thank you for your explanation on its status!

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I agree!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3 - LONG time users with excellent reputations

then have Top Rated Sellers whom are hand-picked. We definitely need another level… and I think each level should have a bit more perks, like level 2’s should be a tad more visible during searches or lists than level 1s, same with level 3s and 2s…

It’s always hard when you’re a level 2 seller with an excellent reputation, and your sales drastically go down because 5 level 1s just copied your exact gig and get listed above you in searches 😦

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