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Buyers are faking buyer requests for income?


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As crazy it may sound I think many “buyers” are sending fake buyer requests just to make money.

In web development niche I see very weird request trending. Buyers are linking to crappy blogspot websites providing it as example for they request.

Most weird is that for those crappy websites they want to pay 1,000$ or even more. They get a lot of offers because sellers are thinking those are real offers, in may opinion those buyers are just providing free traffic for their website.

There are also buyer requests that provide website with shortened link URL as an example, and from let’s say 1000 visitors a guy who links that URL earns about 5-15$. Easy money.

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I think that’s a valid conclusion based on the evidence. The BR section really needs an option to flag requests, in my opinion.

Wow check out what just popped out on my recommendations (skip to 3:16)

I think best option is to limit buyer requests for new buyers. Let’s stop this annoying sh*t because people are wasting time on writing quality offers for those guys.

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YouTube has a ‘Violating 3rd party TOS is against our TOS’, so you can report this video. (I will too.)

The only known way to report BR right now it to make an offer so that you can get the username of the buyer, then flagging their profile.

so you can report this video. (I will too.)

Good idea- I’ve reported it too.

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