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Confused about rejected request

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I am really confused about why my request is being denied.

“Looking for simple single-line, black and white drawings of the following items that I can use for school worksheets for my class. 1) house 2) school 3) long log 4) frog 5) lily pad 6) donut”

In my original post I included 7) Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall. And so I assumed it was denied because it thinks that is a copywritten character (It is public domain…but not worth time to argue). So I removed it and reposted. Still not sure why the post is being rejected again as none of the items are copywrite. I have requested simple line drawing in the past without problem. I am literally looking for sketches of each item as they will be used as counters on a math page.

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Ah. Their algorithm picked up the word class and didn’t realize that I am a teacher making worksheets for my job, aka. to use in a class with students. Thanks Mariashtelle1. It didn’t even occur to me the wording was the problem.

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