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Pls, Check my profile and tell me what's problem in my profile

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Hello, all my Fiverr forum friends. I sent 200+ buyer request but not getting any order. I active 20 hours on Fiverr but no response to any buyer. I created 6 gigs but I saw no rank any gigs in the search bar. Crated gigs almost 30 days done but no result. Plz, check my profile or gigs. and tell me what problem in my profile. and tell me what can I do now.

My Profile Link: https://www.fiverr.com/freeelancersaid?up_rollout=true

Thank you
Saidul Islam

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You are new seller. As a new seller you need ratings, reviews on your profile. Your prices are too high as a new seller. Start with the 5$ and have some reviews and ratings in your profile. Increase it by time. As you become more experienced and have some decent amount of reviews in your profile.

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