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How Can I Improve My Gig I Got Impression, Views, Clicks


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I am new seller on fiverr and have 3 orders in last 2 days but from same customer. I got impressions, views and clicks.
Please Can you tell is my gig is fine? Can you tell how can I improve it by checking my gigs of video animations & editing.

It will be great help for me so that I can figure out the problem.

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Was that first clip of the clock suppose to jump back to the original clip after the zoom? (I also doubt the

video is your work.)

How to write effective buyers request for new sellers

Please delete your other thread. It’s preferred to keep all your questions together in one thread.

Buyer Requests (BR) is FOR BUYERS to request custom offers from Sellers. (see Key Terms etc. in following link on what is a buyer, a seller, an order, an offer, a gig etc. and memorize them - it´s easier to get correct replies on the forum when you post about issues, if you use the correct terms so everyone knows what you´re talking about: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service) It is NOT for Sellers to post their Gigs and services and offers, actually that can get you into trouble. Kind…
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