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Something to watch during these long hours indoors


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Howdy everyone,

I’ve recently joined up here on Fiverr and heard good things about the platform. I’m a video editor and have spent alot of my time over the last 5 years working on a project called Races To Places. If you enjoy adventure travel with a mix of adrenaline in the form of motorcycle racing then this is for you. There’s numerous seasons available on YouTube, it follows Lyndon Poskitt and his rally bike Basil on their around the world adventures. Proud to have been a part of this great project and looking back to the start from now it’s great to see Lyndon’s camera work improve and my editing too…It was a fast learning curve. Alongside the standard show’s, we made special features such as Blazin’ Through Baja with footage supplied by professional cameramen. If you do get time to have a look at the series then give me a shout let me know what you think. Hope everyone’s managing to stay safe.

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