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A little help here plz,Which one looks best?


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So since Valentines is coming, I created a Valentines day edition to my existing

clothesline gig.

Usually for my clothesline gig, I cut out pieces of paper and hand-write the messages on them.

Do they really need to be hand-written? Not really, but I personally like that look.

They are just rectangular pieces of paper, so cutting them out and writing words on them is not

really a problem.

For the Valentines day edition though, it’s bit different:


Originally, the Valentines edition was the same as the normal one, messages on rectangular

paper with a red background, but I thought hey, why not use heart shaped paper.

The problem I kind of ran into was that cutting out the heart paper each time does take a bit of an effort.

Since the hearts are white, I thought white letters would look better, so I decided to write the messages

using white markers. One problem I had though was that the white ink wasn’t that opaque, so

I felt like the letters don’t loom clear when I took the photo.

So, after taking the photo, I touched the letters up with phtoshop, and it’s written in my gig

description as well.

Then I started thinking, should I even add that “digitally enhanced” part in my gig?

Would people even care if the white letters were actually hand-written or digitally enhanced, or

written ENTIRELY digitally??

I did a little test here. 3 hearts are on the clothesline.

The first one is white marker only. No touch-ups.

Second one is white marker AND also touched up with Photoshop.

Third one, no markers at all, I simply added in those letters using the brushtool with Photoshop.

Please take a look at the photo.

…OK, so. The first one, not so white. It’s a biiiiit pink.

The second one, pretty darn white. Third one, pretty darn white too.

So I guess the #2 and #3 would be better.

Does #3 look OK? It might not have the hand-written look to it, but as an image,

would it work?? I guess I’m getting a bit too paranoid here, but if I was going to offer a gig,

I’d like it to look the best. On the other hand, I won’t want to go through the hassle of cutting new

hearts each time. BUT I won’t want to "cheat."

What do you all think??? Thx for reading this super long whiny paranoid stuff!

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