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Do it as if you wanted to help!


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One of the most important things that you have to consider when offering your services is that they must be helpful and offer real solutions to your visitors.

This is very important and has a very deep meaning. And it will be until you learn to do this that you will make more sales and gain more loyal customers.

Doing it as if you wanted to help is to forget about your income and care only about your customer. Anyone can make sales, but building loyal customers is a completely different animal. This is the secret for that. Care about them and you’ll have them coming back over and over again, not just that, but they will surely recommend you with others so that they as well can take advantage of your amazing service.

People really enjoy sharing their experiences with others, so we better make sure that their experience with us is good.

Going back to do it as if you wanted to help, it is important let this clear since the beginning of your conversation with every visitor, this will ensure them that your intentions are true and kind, and that they’ve finally reached a trustworthy person. This is a big seller, my friends, you can have the best price, and be the best at what you do, know everything about what you sell, and even give free samples, but none of this will help you if people can’t trust you.

Doing it as if you wanted to help also means to follow up with your potential buyers and let them know that you are there to answer any question, this tells them that you are not only kind and professional, but generous as well.

The price is something that you must consider for this equation. Because you can have the very best of everything, but if you are out of the budget of people or out of the market you definitely won’t succeed.

There is an old saying that goes like this: Give a man more in value than what he gives you in money. This is a very effective way to do business. Notice that many of the top sellers are offering extras for little money, and this is because they understand this, they know that it is much better to have 5 dollars from the entire market than 200 dollars from only the portion of people who can afford to pay this amount of money.

In fact, Fiverr is like that. People come to Fiverr because it offers great products for very little money, so understanding that our audience is one trying to save and acting upon this will do us much good.

Do it as if you wanted to help and if you keep doing this over and over again, soon you’ll start to really help and then is when you’ll become a rock star.

To your success!

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