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The best selling service on fiverr at the time like this(CORONAL VIRUS)


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Hello every one. I have been on fiverr for several months and never seems to get what the best service is at the present moment.
I know there must be a trending service that will have more traffic and be used by many buyers. Kindly help out n this and save the world.


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Me, or anyone else on this forum, telling you what any popular service categories are will not “save the world”. The best services for you to offer are the services you are most skilled in completing.

There are no services that guarantee sales.

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Unless it’s changed very recently, I think logo design is the most popular gig according to Fiverr’s slide thing a while ago. Logo design gigs seem to be ones that have the most reviews (all time). There are also some voice over gigs with many thousands of reviews.

You could also look at this from the Fiverr blog which gives some ideas about what will be/is in demand:
fiverr-favicon.icoblog.fiverr.com – 13 Mar 20


5 Crucial Gig Economy Trends in 2020 (and How to Prepare for Them) | Fiverr Blog

The rise of the gig economy in recent years has significantly changed today’s workforce. Companies are now more receptive to hiring remote workers and freelancers — paying them for their output, instead of hiring someone in-house for full-time work....

It’s might not be a good idea to create gigs especially related to the virus but they might ask for other things that might be related to it (like a video edited where they give info on it or like someone said, infographics about it) but they could be in more general gigs.

The gigs that sell the most/have the most reviews aren’t necessarily the best ones to create. The amount of profit per gig sold should also be taken into account as well as the amount of competition for those services. Also skills like said above. But some of the suggestions in the link above might help too.

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