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Private Buyer Reviews From Fiverr - Does it impact seller ranking?


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So not sure if you realized, but if you are a buyer and you purchased a gig, you will, of course, be able to leave a review to the seller (and of course the seller leaves you a review), but after a few days, you also get another notification from Fiverr itself that goes something like this…

“How was your delivery? Tell us in private how you felt about your recent delivery from…”

I am just wondering if this review impacts your ranking? Let’s say, If I ,as a seller, genuinely had a bad experience with a buyer, I would leave a bad review for them once they complete my gig. And when the buyer sees this, they would obviously leave a negative buying private experience to Fiverr. For this reason, i can’t help but forced to leave a good review for buyers every time, even if i have a bad experience - what i do is that i may block them

Was wondering if any of you had encountered this and how you were able to overcome this?

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