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URGENT HELP Sending order


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our work has 1 revision.
we have completed the work for our buyer.
But we asked if he preferred large subtitles or normal ones.
He hasnt replied in 2 hours but we have created the normal ones already and ready to send the work.
If we send the work right now would the order be completed ?
Or when he comes online he can take the 1 revision and we will then send him the larger subtitles?
This is our first order so we really dont know how this all works.

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If you delivered the work, the order wouldn’t be set to “complete” status until either the buyer accepts it or after 3 days since the delivery. The buyer has 3 days after a delivery is made to decide whether they want a revision.

If it’s a quick change you could deliver both if you wanted (a version with normal and a version with larger subtitles) so they have a choice. Or you could wait a while for the buyer to answer, as long as it won’t risk going late. Or you could create another version with the larger subtitles ready to upload if you wanted (just in case the buyer asks).

You could also look in the seller/buyer help centre at how things work like deliveries, revisions, etc.

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