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Bad experience regarding customer support

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Hi I’m an audio producer and composer and recently (February) I’ve been hired to compose a DARK THEME SONG about FEAR
After 15 previews following the sellers decisions and a month of working on it the buyer decided he want to go on a POSITIVE SUMMER HIT SONG.
This is a total opposite concept from wich we started.
The buyer decided to cancel the work and Fiver agreed.

“As for the order, it seems like they were not satisfied in the end and thus the order was canceled”

Anyone having same experience?

Also, are we sellers left in the blue with no coverage for our effort and time?

At least a 50/50 split would have been not ideal but mere acceptable than the Fiverr decision to refund everything when the seller already have the work done.

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You can screenshot part of TOS and send it to CS again (where it says that buyers are not eligible to cancel orders based on quality or their satisfaction”. And ask support to escalate this matter as the reason why they cancelled your order is strictly against their own TOS.
Also state that you delivered everything as promised and according to their original requirements however your buyer decided to change requirements after order was delivered and revisions provided.

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