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Canceled order or bad review? Which is preferable?


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5 hours ago, newsmike said:

How is that fair to buyers

If a buyer forces you to do something without your consent, you're not qualified to do it, or if the buyer is impossible to work with, I always choose to cancel. It's not about reviews here. In my case, I would always cancel an order if a person forces me to work on stuff, if they don't reply at all and then randomly ask for revisions even if the guidelines were just a single line..... I agree that manipulating the system, delivering bad work and trying to cancel is not ok. However, canceling is the right thing to do if the customer is impossible to work with. There's a reason why any time I have a problematic customer, the Fiverr customer support team cancels those orders. 

I had someone like my work, but they forced me to add free pictures (which I don't offer), they disliked the pictures I tried to find, and then they went to customer support, trying to cancel behind my back even if they received and liked the article. Remember, they were ok with the article I delivered, and my gig only included the content, not anything extra. They put in 5 different orders and tried to cancel all of them, threatening me... etc. Would you continue working with such a manipulative person? I don't believe this is sanitizing anything, it's just protecting your account from a manipulative person. I always offer samples to customers, so they know exactly what they are getting with me.  But thinking all buyers are fair and professional, that's not always the case. Who knows, maybe you were lucky and didn't encounter this type of people. There are plenty of sketchy and manipulative buyers here..

Anyway, I just wanted to show that canceling is the right thing to do in some cases. I agree with you that canceling orders were buyers are unhappy just to avoid a bad review is not ok, it manipulates the system and it's dishonest. But as I said, if the buyer is manipulative, unprofessional, he swears, etc.. then that's not ok for me. 

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On 8/4/2021 at 5:23 AM, mariashtelle1 said:

it’s your business and fiverr doesn’t have to compensate you from their pocket. 

It doesn't have to be Fiverr to be compensating from their pockets..

My point was, why should we suffer for buyer's wrong doing?

I understand that we're running a business, and it's understandable that we'll experience loss as well as profit at times..

The thing is, they should at least do something for the seller as well, they are responsible for providing both buyers and sellers a platform to sell and purchase, so they should be responsible for the fraud situation as well..

What if the buyer purchases from us, we work and in the end he's just like "nah, I don't want it anymore"

And Fiverr supports the buyers in this situations, all I'm asking, is it fair to the sellers?

Having to work without getting paid a penny?


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Guest karamatali_1

Cancellation is the best rather than getting a bad review. because nobody can see how many order you have canceled but in the case of bad everyone can see you have bad reviews and you can't remove it. so the it's good to cancel the order.

i hope i explain it correctly 

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