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How long does it take most people to get their first gig?

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It takes time to get your first order, some people get in their first week, some people get their order after 3 months. I got my first orders after 2 months of joining.
If you are in competitive niche so it will be hard for you to get your first order.

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Some sellers take months to get their first order.

Just type “how to get orders” in the search bar above and read through the results. The search bar is your friend!

Also check out: https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find all the sales tips you need in the above. Enjoy the forum. 🙂

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Um, you made the tiger’s nose vanish.

The Photoshop category of services is crazy competitive here on Fiverr, and a search for the word comes back with 24 thousand results.

Have you read this thread yet? Maybe there’s something there that can help you.

Suggestions on behalf of FontHaunt: Posting about your need for Orders/Buyers? (feel free to refer to this post): If you are reading this now and you just posted or plan to post asking about more orders, your first order, no orders, how to get buyers, advice, or tips - check out these ideas. Every single day there are many posts just asking for tips on how to get orders. If you actually read the posts and answers, you’ll find that most of these people don’t have an unusual question or a specia…
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