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How much are we endangered by negative feedback?


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How much are we endangered by negative feedback ?

These are my experiences for negative feedback ;

I’ve received negative feedback in 4 different gigs;

1 negative feedback;

“Would never hire again . Deliver what I did and order Asked That on top of them pay more “-wrote the client.

This customer has requested a thing that can not be done, ( I 've listed in description that are impossible

some logo be maden without background) and he did not pay extra for colors .

2 negative feedback

” Did not Get What Was Expecting . there are two versions of what you get . i thought i was getting one , and i got the Other” -wrote the client

The same problem as the one just above he require something else after I finished work.

3 negative feedback

"very limited skills - Look Elsewhere"- comment the client

This client has given me the wrong text and I’ve worked on based of his text .It is the buyer 's fault as I listed in my description I work according to the text that you give to me .After Fiverr turned back the half of the money to the client , I can not even let a comment to this negative feedback.

4 negative feedback

"Longer than Expected" - wrote client

I’ve received this message from Fiverr : We have been Informed by PayPal Was That a dispute opened for your order

FO2xxxx61644. After this message the first gig is blocked and I can not send it and the money are turned back to the client.Delay were not for my fault but because of his paypal account . The fiverr supporti can not remove

this negative feedback and I must negotiate with the buyer but i do not have access to communicate with him after his account is CLOSED or something else .

3 of these negative feedback were coming from the same country.How much are we endangered of these negative feedback ?Someone who want to brake down us will make it very easily because here the buyer can give negative feedback without comment at all .Give your experiences about negative feedback.

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hi, up to yesterday i’m 100% positive rating & 130+ thumb ups. but today 99%. one person given bad rating & bellow comment. so my question is buyers just spending 5 bucks & they had rights to insult to sellers like this ???

"This omanbox got too much EGO !! he think he got 100% rate , but can not do my work. Don’t listen to this guy !! "

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