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How was it for you when you started out?


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Hi everyone,

I am thinking of starting a gig for video. and I was curious to know what was your experience like when starting out? Like did you get gigs right away? Do you promote like crazy? Or did you focus on just getting great feedback?

What are some cons that you go through on a day to day basis?

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@misswhat, you’ll find that everyone’s story is as varied as we are varied as people.

If you’re going to start selling, please be sure to read these two posts, which will help you get started on the right foot.

by kjblynx:


by voiceoverwork:


To answer your questions:

I started as a buyer three years ago and didn’t list my first gig until about 7 months ago. I didn’t focus on it and only got 1 sale. November 1, 2013, I was asked by someone to customize a website for them and I created a gig for it. I became a level 1 seller 14 days after setting up that gig. I became a level 2 seller 27 days after setting up the gig.

I focused on providing good customer service and professionalism. My goal this year is to promote my gigs.

I think the biggest “con” for anyone as a Seller is to have a mindset of:

'it’s only $4’

I believe that if I think bigger, value myself and my work, I can make bigger things happen in my Fiverr business. It’s so much more than $4 to me.

Good Luck and Happy Gigging!

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I just barely started out, and it’s been going great so far! You should definitely give selling on Fiverr a try! I started selling a few gigs within the first few days. I didn’t think anyone would see my gig, but the sales started trickling in. I haven’t done much promotion, but I have plans for starting that soon. I think the thing that made the biggest difference in my case was offering a high quality gig that is appealing to customers. My gig is a bit abnormal and unique, so making it look really good was important to me.

The links in the above post are definitely great guides to check out, and I have learned a lot from them. Reading posts directed at helping Fiverr beginners is really helpful.

I think the biggest “con” I deal with is waiting for work. I know it’s probably going to come, but waiting for it can be nerve wracking (for me at least).

One “pro” that has been significant for me is that I haven’t been looking at it in terms of money. I’ve just been thinking of it as fun opportunities to do work for people, and then when I see that I’ve made a few bucks it feels like a nice little bonus.

Good luck misswhat!

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