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1 Month old seller Not Getting any order

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You need to do marketing like a pro.
Get your gig link share it with your friends and families that you are into these services on fiverr.
Go to social media to promote, but hay, do not spam.
Go to forums with good intentions to help by promoting your services legitimately.
Create your gig video ( see Fiverr)

To get your gig link correctly:

  1. Go to your gig and click, then look at your upper right side to see " share your gig." Just click and copy the link. Paste it on your NOTEPAD for sharing.
    For example, it will look like this( https://www.fiverr.com/share/rEBLdK)

I hope this is helpful.

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Guest r_ipon

Don’t fill depressed try active more and also try to fiend out your fault when you you find your fault then try to solve it you must be success at a time. Also develop your skill.

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