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Is it Corona virus?


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Follow up here

Hi there, Greetings! Hope you all are well. I’m here since 2017. Day by day the performance is going well. But is this year a caution for me? Why? Because I’m an eCommerce product photo editor and image background remover. Most of my clothing brand buyers are importing their dress product from China((COVID-19))! Nowadays I think they are in very complex condition. Maybe that’s why the number of new buyer is decreasing! and I’m getting less product photos. Though other photo types are going we…
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Same issue last 4 days … I dont get any orders I even contacted CS about this issue but they havent yet responded.

Views and clicks took a hit also…

My field : Virtual assistajt

i just read a post here and the guy shared the CS’ response, not sure if they will respond you any different. And its not even their fault, everyone is so worried these days.

“Fiverr does not guarantee impressions, clicks or views for your Gig. We provide a marketplace for you to advertise your Gigs, and it is up to you to make them appealing, and promote them outside of Fiverr to increase the number of views your Gig receives.”

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