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Unwanted change to gig

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So I have a gig on my profile that has been moderately successful: a few orders with great reviews. However ever since somebody posted his delivery to the review, it hasn’t gotten a single order and I think that is why.

Its a little bit of a nonstandard gig to be honest, and while normally a delivery for others to see would be beneficial, I think it is keeping buyers away.

Is there any way for me to delete this delivery video from my gig? I should have full reign of control over how my gig looks to the buyers. I am quite annoyed at this.

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If it’s already there in the live gallery there’s no option to remove it. You could contact CS and see if they’ll remove it for you. You could also pause the gig or delete it. Or turn off the live gallery completely.

For future orders turning off the gallery before delivering and then turning it on again after the review can stop it being put there I think and, according to what I’ve read on the forum, should still keep all the other videos in the live gallery if that’s correct. Another way is to put the video on dropbox instead of an attachment when delivering if you don’t want it in the gallery.

Fiverr might think your gig might belong more in the “pranks and stunts” category that got removed though.

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