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Fiverr is for Science graduates too!


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Hello everyone.

I just wanted to share my story: I am a Science graduate with many years experience working in the pharma and medical device industries. I think there is a misconception that Fiverr is only for creative types; people in graphics, e-commerce, etc.

I have been on Fiverr for just over 3 years, and just completed my 500th order. Even though I only have 3 gigs doing regulatory documents, it is possible to be successful no matter which degree or industry you come from.

So to other science graduates - get in! Working online is ideal for us introverted, nerdy types too.

All the best to everyone for the rest of 2020!

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Guest humanissocial

That sounds like an awesome niche-focus and it looks you’re filling a gap. Cool! Thanks for sharing.

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Hey i know you, i did some documents with you for my amazon business. and im also freelancing here on fiverr, it’s great to see people from all sorts of background here 🙂

Hi Pedrito, yes I remember! Thanks for your support, I am happy that I was able to assist you.

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