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Get promoted to level one but have some concerns


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Hello everyone,

A day before, finally i get promoted to level one. I am so happy. I achieved this level after struggle of almost 3 months. I could have upgraded to level one last month but made some mistakes which leads to delay in my promotion.

Since i became level one seller i can see buyers request in bulk like appearing 2019, 1999, 2011 etc all the time. Is it normal? Because when i don’t have any level, buyers request don’t shows up all the time and when it do it just 36, 40, 22 etc. Now i can apply all the time but on each post people have already send the 20+ requests. And also some posts are irrelevant to me. I don’t have idea when new jobs get posted so that i can apply earlier and get the job. Could anyone explain this to me please? Now i am finding difficult to get an order.

I also noticed that these jobs are the same and not changing.

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