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Fiverr Feature suggestion - Status feature


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Due to recent coronavirus outbreak and it’s impact on the work it is important to have a status update similar to stories that we can share with all our contacts instead of sending individual messages.

Our area suffered from bad weather last week that caused problems with communication. I had to reach out to each client individually to explain the situation. If there’s a feature that lets us update the status of work and our availability that would be really helpful. We can easily share status with all the contacts and to clients who are interested in working with us.

In these situations, when communication is disrupted it becomes very important for us to have a single source of communication with all clients to share the situation.
I request to add this feature.

Thank you

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I agree it could be useful but the message for each buyer who has an order in the queue might be different. Each buyer might want to know how their order is progressing/how it’s affected by whatever the issue is/when it is likely to be delivered and one message/status update that’s the same for each order/buyer might not be what the buyers want/need. They might want a more specific message for them.

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