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I just became a Top Rated Seller

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After almost 10 months on Fiverr, I have finally become a Top Rated Seller, and it feels amazing.
Having posted a Gig in a competitive niche with thousands of sellers and being super new to the online Gigging scene, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever rake even a single order on this platform.

But here I am, and It sure feels great.
Best thing - I get my money released in 7 days.

Ah, yes!

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congratulations dude, I have a issue as a level 2 seller i hardly get others all my GIGs where demote to the last page. . anyone who knows the reason?

Hey, I think Fiverr kinda demotes when the Clicks to Impressions ratio (CTR) reduces. Is yours still as high as it used to be? If not, I’d suggest lowering your prices for a few weeks until the orders start coming in.

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